I feel really sick due to troubling life issues, should I not go see a therapist?

Therapy is for the sick. Feeling sick does not mean you are really sick. Say you are strong and healthy, but your path is blocked by a really big piece of rock. You probably will be troubled and feel really uneasy about the situation. In order for you to feel better, the most practical thing to do is to acquire tools and methods that allow you to either break down or remove the obstacle. It is simply irrelevant to try to get cure.

By the same token, if you are troubled by issues in life, you need tools and methods that help you solve the issues instead of undergoing some kind of therapy that supposed to make you psychologically healthier. It is normal and healthy to have negative emotions while going through difficulties. Solve the problems and meet the challenges and the emotions will naturally cease. If they don’t, then go see a therapist.